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Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, the implementation of human management. Through the development of a variety of rich and colorful sports activities, inspire employees love their jobs, dare to go first, as a contribution to the enterprising consciousness. Such as staff travel, domestic travel and excellent staff; thank the party, held the annual festival of the Arts Festival staff; concerned about the difficult life of the staff is trying to arrange their children to school and other staff.
Company chairman Lu Jianguo is the Jindong Tian Industrial Park Branch filial low branch chairman, Jindong District CPPCC members, is a public spirited person in love, pay attention to enterprise development at the same time do not forget to repay society, actively participate in donation activities organized by Guan Aiwai to migrant workers clinic activities, condolences to the poor farmers, was rated for many advanced members of the cppcc.
Mr. Lu Jianguo with all the staff eager to seek common development with friends from all walks of life, a total of big industry, create brilliant.

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