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Team introduction
    King Di medical currently has 2 people, master of 3 people, R & D and technical personnel for medical dressings for more than 8 years of experience in more than 80% years, the backbone of more than 6 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Relying on strong professional knowledge and high-quality R & D team, research and development of their own development will be located in the disposable medical dressings, all kinds of enterprises at the same time to meet the social demand for personalized products, quality management and international medical equipment accessories quality management standards gradually.

    The company will be as in the past, the implementation of brand strategy, adhere to the "sincerity oriented, common development, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence" purposes, adhering to the "dedication, harmony, innovation, high efficiency" principle, continue to increase the development of marketable new materials, new technology, new technology, new products, improve the technological content of products and value-added and make the products become the most competitive products, to promote the harmonious development of China's pharmaceutical products, care for all, health care, public service, dedication to the whole society.

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